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I went down to Chiloquin on a few occasions to see Laura, Crater Lake, and some other sights.


Laura came for part of the Kinsman family vacation in July in McCall, Idaho.

Nampa, Corvallis, Klamath

In June, I saw my granny, and in July, I saw southern Oregon.

North Carolina and Hyco Lake

I like having a remote job because it means I can go see my family.

My recent foray into cable news

Moab has recently found itself gaining national attention for reasons outside the typical intrigue with tourism destinations. That has afforded me the opportunity to speak to national and statewide audiences live on television and radio about the Moab City Police Department and the Pack Creek Fire.

LibSass is dying. How will Jekyll respond?

In my search for a way to use newer Sass functions on my Jekyll site, I discovered that one reason I couldn’t was that the implementation of Sass that Jekyll uses by default was deprecated. So, I filed an issue report.

why Pornhub is adopting altcoins

Pornhub just added PumaPay to its repertoire of supported cryptocurrencies, but it hasn’t jumped on Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here’s a look at what might be behind this.

how IoT began

I was given permission to share some of my recent freelance writing on my blog, so here’s a highlight of what I’ve made so far.


There’s a reason I chose to name it “write”, but I’m still having second thoughts.

I alone can fix this.

There are things iA Writer and other apps don’t do that I wish they would, so here’s a first draft of a design solution.