Carter Pape is a reporter
for American Banker


Here are the best ways to contact me…

for most people

If you do not work in public or media relations, the best way to contact me is to send an email to Replace ##### with the standard English greeting word.

You can also tweet at me or post a message to me on my Wikipedia talk page.

for story and source pitches

If you work in public or media relations and want to contact me, email me at [email protected]. Replace ????? with my first name, a period, then my last name.

for more security

If you want an extra secure means of reaching me, you can use my throwaway phone number (+1 971-3611-8899) to contact me on any of the following apps:

I only use the phone number above to receive messages on these apps. I do not use it to receive phone calls or SMS messages (because it’s public and liable to get automated spam).

If you do not trust any of those apps, here’s an OpenPGP public key in RSA format and a promise from me that I am the only person who has the corresponding private key.

last updated Jan. 14, 2022