Carter Pape is a reporter
for The Times-Independent
in Moab, Utah.


One facet of working for a newspaper with fewer than 10 full-time staff members is that there are no staff photographers. I and my editor take the bulk of the newspaper’s staff-sourced photos; community members, officials, and open license sources provide the rest.

I do not yet own a digital SLR, so most photos shown here were taken with an iPhone. My drone photography is even sharper.

Select a photo to see it in full resolution.

an old-looking pickup truck kicks up dirt during an attempt to climb Potato Salad Hill in Moab, Utah

Potato Salad Hill, located off of Sand Flats Road in Moab, is a favorite obstacle for off-road enthusiasts. A staple of Moab Easter Jeep Safari is climbing the rocky obstacle. An unsuccessful try at the climb is shown here. Photo by Carter Pape, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

a scientist wearing purple gloves handles a hoary bat

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources studies bats in the vicinity of Mill Creek in Moab on a regular basis to check on the health of sensitive species. The hoary bat, shown here, is among the species native to the area. Photo by Carter Pape, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

people including a woman dressed in traditional Native American attire walk down Center Street in Moab, Utah carrying signs calling for racial justice

More than 600 people attended a Black Lives Rally in Moab on June 5, 2021, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Activists requested more data transparency from local law enforcement and specific reforms proposed by national organizations. Photo by Carter Pape, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

a bike stands at the ledge of a cliff along Captain Ahab, a bike trail in Moab, Utah

Captain Ahab, a downhill bike trail in the Amasa Back network, takes riders inches from sheer cliffs of deadly heights. Photo by Carter Pape, licensed for exclusive use

a house in Moab billows with smoke as firefighters and firetrucks on scene work to respond

This 2020 house fire displaced a family from their Moab home but did not cause any physical injuries. Photo by Carter Pape, licensed for exclusive use

Grand County High School seniors sit atop and in their decorated vehicles, in line in front of the school during the Class of 2020 graduation ceremony

The Grand County High School Class of 2020 graduated in an unusual ceremony. Photo by Carter Pape, licensed for exclusive use

last updated July 5, 2021