Carter Pape is a reporter
for American Banker

Sights of the past nine months

I took most of these photos with my iPhone. It’s a pretty good camera, but I want a real camera to take better photos. I might even make them easier and nicer to view online once I do!


I took a lot of good photos while I lived in Moab, and I’ve published some in the past. This selection is from August through December 2021.


I love Moab. I said bye to my friends there before leaving.


Before moving to Corvallis, I visited my family in Durham and Nampa.


I live here, now.


Santiam Junction was a danger zone filled with snow during my move to Corvallis. A few weeks later, I went snowshoeing there.


Newport has the nearest beach to Corvallis. It’s only an hour away. It’s pretty nice.


I went to visit Mitch in Seattle. It had been a long time since I had last seen him.

San Francisco

I went to visit Josh in San Francisco. I also surprised Chatham, and then Mitch surprised me by showing up.