Carter Pape is a journalist and developer seeking full-time work as a reporter.



write is a digital notepad currently under development for macOS that provides focused, beautiful, and responsive word processing for web content writers. write responds to Markdown syntax, allowing writers and editors to see and do text formatting without lifting a finger from the keyboard. The app provides an environment for web content creation that is distraction-free and simple to use.

For more about write, read my introduction to the series of articles I am writing as I develop the app. You can also see the project on GitHub.


Praeci is a reporting project I created for presenting NC State and Raleigh news with a focus on succinct writing and attractive presentation. I built the website myself using Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

I customized a template built by Artem Sheludko, adding custom layouts and elements. I also built the site’s podcast RSS feed syndication, enabled by Amazon S3 for storage of podcast audio and by PodTrac download analytics.

See the Praeci code on GitHub

Basic binary genetic optimization

This project was an excursion into genetic optimization. I built the original framework in Swift 2 to complete the simple task of genetically optimizing a data structure containing two floats to be as close as possible to a given pair of numbers. I later added a module that uses the genetic optimization to fit a polynomial of variable order to a set of points. I have also been updating the syntax to keep up with current Swift versions.

Swift is not the optimal language for building this tool. However, I used Swift anyway because I was interested to learn the language at the same time that I was thinking about building a genetic optimization framework.

See the project on GitHub